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KuL Designs products embody an ever-growing range of categories. Each line is highlighted by its unique brand characteristics. All of our brands feature smart design, environmentally-friendly manufacturing, vibrant colors, and wonderful versatility.


Rotoluxe furniture is unique, modern and illuminating. Designed with versatility in mind, Rotoluxe pieces feature amazing functionality and cool colors that suit every space.

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Souluxe lighting brings unique, functional designs to your indoor and outdoor spaces. With technologically advanced LED and Solar lighting options, as well as our fantastically fun RGB option, Souluxe lighting can illuminate surprise and wonder in and around your home.

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Modenvaz planters take your plant life to new places. With their gorgeous lines, unexpected vibrance, range of sizes and shapes, and amazing Oasis™ self-watering technology, Modenvaz is sure to become a favorite inside and outside your abode.

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