Rotoluxe on Yard Crashers

Rotoluxe on Yard Crashers. Take a look!

Feature in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine

KuL Designs Rotoluxe in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine

KuL Designs Modenvaz Infinity in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine

Souluxe Featured in Luxury Portfolio

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For an evening soiree or a night of tranquility on the deck, lighting is the dramatic ingredient. One way to obtain that atmosphere is to dot the landscape with lighted pots, planters and stands from KuL Designs. In addition to providing a warm glow through CFL/LED lighting, the lightweight pots are impact and UV resistant. KuL Designs products are designed and manufactured with a focus on environmental sustainability and are sure to set the mood at any nighttime gathering.

Note: Original Luxury Portfolio article references Rotoluxe lighting and planter products, which are now named Souluxe and Modenvaz. Rotoluxe is our furniture line.


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